international road transport

Road transport

The DAMIDOR company offers road transportation services from the beginning of our activity. The company has its own fleet of trucks. There are till trucks with 117 m3 and 22 t capacity and refrigerator trucks with 90 m3 and 22 t capacity.

We are a proud member of Moldavian Road Transportation Association, witch allow us to offer transportation services using TIR carnet document. All our trucks are equipped with GPS trucking system and CMR assurances with value 300000 Euro per each truck. The DAMIDOR company has a strong partnership with a lot of high professional logistic European companies.

All those partnerships allow us to organize regular groupage transport in reasonable transit time from following countries: Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Great Britain, Germany, Romania.

Also he have pleasure to offer transportation services on the territory of former Soviet Union countries as: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

We transport all kind of goods: normal goods, temperature control goods, dangerous goods (ADR), high value taxes goods, as alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco.